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New project on Stellar: GRATZIO - Decentralized marketplace for p2p instant services

**Gratzio is a global marketplace for favors based on Stellar blockchain that offers its users an ability to order or perform people-to-people instant services in exchange for cryptocurrency. The marketplace is accessible by Gratzio decentralized application that will be available via iOS store, Android Google Play as well as via regular browser with Internet access.** Gratzio is planning to transition to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will be fully governed by its users by Q4 2020 All payments within the Gratzio platform are powered by Gratz (GRAT) utility token based on a Stellar Consensus Protocol. Stellar provides blazing fast transaction speed, extremely low transaction fees and has built-in exchange service which makes it a perfect solution for micro payments. Users, can perform services for other users in order to earn GRAT tokens using Gratzio dApp. Additionally, users can purchase or convert Gratz into other cryptocurrencies as well as local fiat money through Gratzio platform or by utilizing crypto exchanges. Website:
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