Meridian 2022 Recap

Meridian 2022 Recap

Meridian 2022 Recap

Meridian 2022 Recap!

Around 400 speakers and attendees from around the world were present at Stellar's 4th annual Meridian conference in Rome from October 11-13.

If you didn't attend it may feel like you were left behind, and with the limited coverage of the event it added more speculation as to what happened.

As Meridian 2022 kicked off, press releases came out and just recently the SDF has officially posted session videos.

If there were any moments you thought didn't receive enough attention, share it below to others who may have missed the content. If you were a speaker or attendee, feel free to post your experience or company info.

SDF Blog from Meridian 2022 - Ciao Meridian 2022 -

Press Releases

New Stellar Anchor Platform Bridges Businesses to the Blockchain and to a Global Network of Wallets and Exchanges

The Anchor Platform is a prepackaged software API built to help companies easily connect to Stellar. With one integration, businesses may plug the Anchor Platform API into their existing technical infrastructure and access Stellar’s payment rails without the need for custom integrations.

Wirex Expands USDC Support to the Stellar Network

Wirex announced the launch of USD Coin (USDC - stablecoin issued by Circle) on the Stellar blockchain within the Wirex app. Support for USDC on Stellar will be available immediately in the Wirex app, which lets users save or instantly spend USDC in real-life using the companies’ crypto-enabled debit card. For every purchase made in-store or online, users can also earn up to 8% in WXT rewards.

Novatti Announces AUDD Stablecoin To Go Live On November 1

Novatti Group Limited (ASX:NOV) announced that its 1:1 fiat-backed stablecoin, AUDD, will go live on the Stellar blockchain on 1 November 2022. The company also announced that AUDD will be available for a direct 1:1 swap of fiat Australian Dollars, via their onsite platform and app.

Based in Australia, Novatti is a leading fintech that enables businesses to pay and be paid, from any device, anywhere. Solutions include issuing, acquiring, processing, and billing. Novatti has also applied to APRA for a restricted banking licence through its subsidiary Novatti IBA Pty Ltd.

Soroban, Smart Contracts Platform Native to the Stellar Network, is Live on Futurenet

The native smart contracts platform on the Stellar network is live on Futurenet, an incentivized testing environment for first-wave developers.

The SDF also announced a $100M fund to support developers building on Soroban. Sorobanathon: First Light, will reward eligible developers for testing Soroban and sharing their feedback through developer-generated Soroban content, including code examples, tutorials, and GitHub issues. More details on Sorobanathon: First Light are available at

Session Videos -

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