Looks like things are heating up for Hot Potato

self.Stellar2m ago
[http://stellarhotpotato.tk/](http://stellarhotpotato.tk/) I was hanging out at the Stellar lounge at SXSW a few weeks ago chatting with people when I looked over a noticed a projector had been set up. It was playing this [crazy video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePGA1a-WsLs) of a kid in tons of costumes. I turned to Justin Rice and said "What is that?" He explained it was one of the entries for the hackathon we hosted for SXSW. The projector was set up to play the demo videos for several of the projects. It was pretty sharp marketing. The room was electrified with interest in this project. There is a charm and elegance in bringing things down for a moment and engaging is some good ole fashion fun by taking a network that is being used to build the future of finance and playing a children's game on it. I think some of the magic that wordle managed to bottle is also in this project. It just takes a few minutes to participate, but you can also expand on the experience. In wordle, you can try to strategize the quickest way to eliminate vowels for example. With Hot Potato, I wanted to include a crime drama into the experience. So I tweeted a [who done it type riddle](https://twitter.com/spintax2/status/1513695515648667653?s=20&t=q9Yj0QYuzy0ewQ0yd-dPAQ) with the plan to reward the person who solved it with the Hot Potato NFT. I had a lot of fun with the community during my short 22.5 hours of potato stewardship, and with [SDF tweeting about the project](https://twitter.com/StellarOrg/status/1514029842835992577?s=20&t=q9Yj0QYuzy0ewQ0yd-dPAQ), it looks like things are really heating. I can't wait to see how far that little potato goes, and I hope you get to have a chance to take part in this experience before the potato burns!