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XLM · 2w Beta – One Month, 12000 players, 180000 battles – Gaming on Stellar – Where we are and what's next! is an original cards game that offers a casual gaming experience with instant on-boarding and quick sessions while incorporating the mechanics of collectible card games (CCG or TCG). All collectibles are issued on the Stellar Blockchain.

The First Month in Numbers

The Beta was released on April 18, 2020. It has been running for about a month and we are incredibly pleased with the results:

12,000 players. 180,000 battles played. 31,000 cards collected. 500 Stellar wallets linked. 1560 social logins (Facebook and Google). A New Approach to Blockchain and Gaming

With the goal to bridge the huge world of casual gaming with the booming blockchain world, Litemint is providing players with an opt-in approach to game asset ownership. This approach allows to remain compatible and be available to play on all platforms (e.g. thousands of players have discovered Litemint from the multi-million MAU gaming portal AddictingGames and tens of other online gaming hot spots).

Referrals from online game portals are very important for leveraging the existing and huge gaming market.

At release, players will be able to take ownership of their cards on the Stellar blockchain, but this is not mandatory to enjoy the game. When players link their Stellar wallet and enable the game asset trustlines, their cards are automatically issued to them. Then, they are free to send them to friends, or even trade them on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX). The Stellar Network was chosen for its cheap and fast transactions but also for the ease of game asset tokenization and native access to SDEX with free pairing.

For those wondering how native NFT can be issued on Stellar, check out this article.

A Game for Everyone

One of the challenge in designing was to keep the gameplay as casual as possible (as opposed to the usual mid-core/hard-core gameplay found in TCG games) and the result is a game that can be ...

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