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Stellar bucks the trend

It seems most cryptocurrencies will remain in the red all day long, but there is some hope at the end of the tunnel as well. If the Stellar price is any indication, we may see some positive momentum in the coming hours and days. More specifically, the Stellar price has risen by 3.89% over the past 24 hours, even though it is the only top cryptocurrency in the green right now.

Stellar Price Notes Growth

Considering how Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the dirt right now, it is all the more impressive to see the Stellar price buck this trend successfully. More specifically, the value per XLM has risen over the past 24 hours, whereas the other currencies are suffering from medium to heavy losses. It is a bit unclear why the Stellar price is doing the exact opposite of other cryptocurrencies, but it is still an interesting trend to keep an eye on.

To put this into perspective, the Stellar price has risen by 3.89% in the past 24 hours. While that is a pretty small increase compared to what most people are used to, it is pretty impressive when considering how the Bitcoin price is down by as much as 7% right now. At the same time, Stellar’s value has not been correlated to the Bitcoin price too closely, and it seems that trend is only intensifying as more time progresses.

It is also worth noting how the Stellar price is in the green partially thanks to strong increases in the XLM/BTC ratio. With a 9.7% increase in favor of Stellar, it is evident the alternative currency is on the right track as of right now. Whether or not this trend will continue for much longer, is pretty difficult to determine. Cryptocurrencies are a very intriguing industry, but one that is also subject to a lot of volatility first and foremost.

Even though Stellar doesn’t generate the most trading volume of all cryptocurrencies on the market today, it seems the $80.96m in trades is more than sufficient to keep...

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