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Leaf Global - Refugee App Based on Stellar

This is an important project and worth our support. Please follow and support them on Twitter at [LeafGlobalTech]( Watch [Sams Leaf Global Tech Founder interview]( [video]( [Leaf Global Tech Website]( [Leaf CEO Interview]( I would like to see a donation link on the front page of the Leaf website. Any funds donated to be equally distributed to all accounts or divided among those in the direst of need(A separate public Stellar address and smart contract programmed to distribute equally among all active wallets. Is this possible to program with Stellar? This would be transparent and visible to the public.). I would guess the average amount of funds held in each account is less than $5/10, and donations would go a long way in these circumstances. If refugees hear there are people donating funds to those who hold Leaf wallets, it should help boost usage. I would also like to see videos(subtitled/translated) of actual real users of the product. A video showcasing how they visit the local corner store and load the account and the process of converting to fiat. Also, interviews with w/users discussing the dangers of being a refugee and trying to carry cash when crossing borders. I'm curious what percentage of "refugees" actually have a cell phone? If this is low #, maybe this creates an additional sponsorship opportunity, in order to put "dumb" phones in the hands of refugees, preloaded with funds from a Leaf wallet. I also hope Leaf can create employment and earning opportunities for people in these regions. Are you compensating people to act as "Ambassadors" and compensating them for each person they get to download and use the Leaf wallet? It's a great project, so let's make sure and support and spread the w...
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