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Kelp GUI v1.0.0-rc2 (beta) and Kelp CLI v1.11.0 released (Stellar DEX trading bot)

Hello Kelpers, ​ I’m happy to announce the latest release of Kelp: [Kelp GUI (beta) v1.0.0-rc2 and the Kelp CLI v1.11.0]( ​ Note: Please see the [release notes]( on how to address common issues with running this beta software on each platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Watch this [Instructional Video]( to help get you started with the Kelp GUI (beta). ​ *It is encouraged to upgrade from older versions of Kelp CLI to use this version since there are quite a few reliability fixes included in this release. Older versions will not be supported with patch releases or new features.* ​ Notable changes since v1.10.0: * *Kelp GUI (beta) now available to run on Stellar mainnet* * *New buy\_twap trading template* * *Reliability improvements to mirror trading template, added some new config options* * *Speed up network requests for faster performance of bot across the board* * *Deprecate TICK\_INTERVAL\_SECONDS in favor of TICK\_INTERVAL\_MILLIS since we can run faster on centralized exchanges now* * *Tested Bitstamp exchange integration for trading (via ccxt-rest)* * *Kelp GUI: better error propagation from backend to frontend in GUI for feedback to user* * *Kelp GUI: fixed spread value percentages displayed in the GUI against each bot* ​ Sample usage of Kelp's features are described in more detail in the sample config files for v1.11.0 located [here]( ​ View the CHANGELOG for more information on this release: []( ​ Here’s a link to the release binaries on GitHub: [](
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