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Kelp automated market making vs Uniswap, etc

Hi, all. Been out of the loop for a little bit. I've been checking out DeFi efforts around the crypto space and following developments there. Uniswap charges a .03% fee on trades and that fee goes to the liquidity providers. I know []( has been developing an AAM solution using Kelp but don't know where that stands. Anyone used it? Trade fees on Stellar are pretty low and not sure it would be worth providing liquidity, especially given the impermanent loss factor. Maybe over long enough time frames and between two relatively stable assets. Anyone using the AMM solution from []( Would love feedback. Also, have to give some credit to []( Had a withdrawal get stuck and got hold of their support on Telegram. They fixed it toot sweet. Support is available and that is definitely not universal in the crypto space.
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