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Is IBM WorldWire dead?

I'm researching into developing a remittance/payments app on top of Stellar and I found IBM WorldWire, which was touted as a new compliance layer on top of Stellar. Most of the articles hyping it I see are old. So I thought it would be useful for me to make integration easier and looked into actually using it. But I can't find any API or documentation. * The links for Worldwire all redirect to IBM Blockchain main page (go to * The github repo is down: Only mentions I could find are years old random pages deep in IBM Support site/forum e.g. This is classic IBM, but still surprising if its actually shuttered considering all the hype it seems they generated a year or two ago. (Oddly, WorldWire is still mentioned by name on Stronghold's page ( A case study on stellar's site is also still up ( but takes you to the dead link.)
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