I can't transfer my XLM out of Crypto.com Defi Wallet


I have tried transferring out, swapping, and even bridging XLM. All I can do is purchase it on the defi app.

I receive an error after a 20-30 second hourglass type animation, then the error: "Network Error Oops, something went wrong! Please try again later".

I have done everything I can, I still cannot transfer my XLM (stellar network) out of my crypto.com Defi Wallet either to Kucoin or to my regular Crypto.com exchange.

I have been able to transfer it out in the past, back in November once.

I have done already what the stencil replied support people on the defi help area told me I should do; Reset, reset networking, reset this and that, latest OS, latest app version, which version, which phone, bla bla bla, redo, delete, reinstall, everything.

Was using a VPN at some points, deleted it, still nothing. Reset my phone. Nothing.

Tried using Defi wallet on a friend's phone, still nothing.

I still continue to get the error.

Recently Crypto.com was doing a system upgrade of some sort, well that was since over. Still nothing.

No idea what other options there are.

Please help. I'm absolutely fuming