i am baffled as to how nobody seems to get it ...

16D Ago
I am baffled as to how clueless everyone is about why SDF won't do anything about marketing right now ... And why in the battle between SEC and Ripple, the winner will be ... STELLAR !!! So, Jed McCaleb founds Ripple, a for-profit company. Then due to disagreements with other founders he subsequently leaves Ripple and founds Stellar a non-profit. What happened? They were probably told that XRP, a digital token that was being promoted to investors by a for-profit company, was a security and therefore could not be a currency. Jed leaves Ripple, takes his XRP tokens and quietly sells them over a few years, a little at a time, as his departure agreement allowed him to. He just finished selling it all a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, in the meantime, Ripple continues to promote XRP as an investment token. Later the company and their founders (except McCaleb - are you really surprised here?) get sued by the SEC (Securities and Investments Commission) for issuing an unregistered security: XRP. McCaleb goes to found Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), a non-profit. SDF starts building everything from ground up in secrecy, without fanfare, without promoting XLM as an investment vehicle, without any marketing. He raises his first money by lending some XLM to Stripe founder (Patrick Collison) with the promise that all proceeds would be later returned to the SDF without any profit being withheld - again a "not-for-profit" arrangement. Look at the comments of CTO of Stripe, Greg Brockman made at the time: “However, the project is not run by Stripe. We just believe that a system with properties like Stellar’s should exist in the world, and we heartily encourage anyone interested to participate in its development. We’re going to auction a majority of our stellars to other interested companies, with any net profits being returned to the Stellar Foundation”. Source: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/start-ups/collison-brothers-stripe-invests-us3m-in-new-cryptocurrency-stellar What did he say? "Encouraging anyone interested to participate in the development of" stellar. Not for profit, again, involvement just for a cause. The SDF starts distributing some free XLM through various programs and also selling some for the purpose of implementing their mandate, again without any promises to anyone for any kind of future returns, no marketing, nothing that would inspire people to "invest", maybe just "participate". As of late, Moneygram (June 2022), after having broken up with Ripple partnership, launched a new product on the Stellar blockchain with lowest media coverage, because again XLM cannot appear to be an "investment token" until regulations are in place and XLM's role is clearly defined, or else SDF risk breaking the securities laws. In the meantime all noise is being made around Ripple's lawsuit, how SEC is trying to destroy a legitimate business etc, while Stellar continues to operate away from media coverage. Everything everyone, on Twitter, on Reddit etc ever talk about is Ripple. "Ripple are here to fight for the whole crypto market", "they should be praised", "they should be supported" blah blah blah. Yet ... someone knew from the beginning that the basis of a new monetary system cannot be brought about through an "investment vehicle" (security) but had to be the opposite. That someone appears to have co-opted Jed and SDF to do the right thing from the very beginning. In recent times the SDF leadership have even been seen on the hallways of WEF, IMF, Worldbank, The US Congress, various governments of the world ... etc. Even Nathaniel Rotschchild said on Twitter that "Jed McCaleb is part of the plan": https://twitter.com/ncjrothschild/status/1433125517302042630?lang=en How do you think this is going to end? Who is going to be the final winner? Gary Gensler, the SEC's CEO said on numerous occasions that "the vast majority of cryptocurrencies out there are securities". And now you understand why, it's because their creators have been promoting them all as "investment opportunities", EXCEPT FOR ONE ... The crypto regulations are just about to be "finalized" ...