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How does the USDC works on the Stellar network?

As everyone knows, there was an announcement that [$6 Billion Stablecoin USDC Lands On The Stellar Blockchain]( This might be a noob question, but I was not quite successful in finding a clear answer for this. I am just guessing that if someone wanted to move 1 USDC, it would require approximately 2 XLM (as the prices are currently approx. $0.5 per XLM). Am I making the right assumptions? If my above assumptions were to be true, would that mean that USDC will have to hold XLM to move money? And how does this work in real life use cases? Let's say, I want to buy something from the internet with Stellar, how does the process looks like? Below is my guess 1. I make a payment to the online merchant with XLM 2. The XLM payment triggers an API or some sort of protocol linked to USDC 3. USDC receives the XLM from me 4. USDC pays the merchant in USDC? XLM? 5. Merchant receives payment to their wallet in USDC? XLM? 6. End of transaction I am really curious how these processes work since I am seeing so many articles about Master and Visa planning to launch new crypto payment methods. Please share your knowledge with me!!
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