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Hotdogs and Rums Pokémon-Inspired Game Built on Stellar

I am going to look for some support or ideas. I don’t know if this is silly, but I think this is fun. One way to massive adoption is actually through gaming. The average person does not need to know what blockchain is and what it does, because the information might just be overwhelming. In fact, the reason I have encouraged some people to try Stellar is through[Pokedex]( I told them they can own Pokémons. These people don’t know about using cryptos at all, but providing them something that they are familiar with, the process gets easier. That’s why I love [Litemint.]( You can easily get onboarded using Facebook or Google. It also has an in-built SDEX or Stellar wallet. All transactions are happening right inside Litemint: trading Litemint cards, buying, and selling of CREDITS tokens for XLM. ##The Hotdog and Rum story u/crabrodeo started the hotdog story. He got drunk and invested $15 on XLM because he thought the logo was really cool, and he was just hoping to get some hotdogs from 7/11 with his XLM profits. He did get his hotdogs because of XLM. While others dream of Lambo, we have hotdogs by our side. 7/11 is everywhere. What about rums? Well, we can buy rums in Bermuda using a digital dollar that is issued on Stellar. That screams adoption. You can now buy a lot of rums in Bermuda. Of course experience may vary on XLM holders. If you are holding only 100 XLM, you won’t even be able to buy a ticket to Bermuda. ##The Game Mechanics I was thinking of a Pokémon Go inspired game where you walk around to find spots where you can catch Pokémons. Also, every 5 kilometers you walk you get 2 $HOTDOG tokens that you can then use to feed your Pokémons so they will turn into stronger and legendary Pokémons which you can then use for battling players around the world. If you win the battle, you earn $RUMS. These $RUMS can then be sold for $XLM. You can also trade your Pokémons with other players especially if you have the legendary and rare...
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