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DTransfer - SatoshiPay 2021 Outlook and 2020 in Review

As 2020 came to a close, we reflected on the extraordinary year that will shape decades to come. For DTransfer, this meant optimizing the positioning of our payment platforms to deliver even more value for our users. We would like to share some of our most significant milestones that begin to provide a clear trajectory for the future of payments. 

Paving the road for global payments

2020 proved to be one of the most unprecedented years of this century. Nonetheless, DTransfer leaves the year with several exciting achievements, many of which encompass the challenges and opportunities initiated by the pandemic As the digital economy experienced considerable growth, the demand for agile global payment options has increased, triggering considerable appeal for FinTech solutions and innovative payment technology. As McKinsey & Company explains in its 2020 Global Payments Report, “Overall, the crisis is compressing a half-decade’s worth of change into less than one year.” 

The traditional banking industry is being forced to restructure, paving the way for digitized payment solutions that overcome many of the pain points found in this outdated infrastructure. Although the crisis has given rise to several unforeseen hurdles, it has necessitated our vision of creating an inclusive financial system that overcomes borders and fosters economic inclusion.

DTransfer - the new beginning in cross-border payment solutions 

In a globalized world, businesses increasingly have the need to send money internationally. However, the traditional banking infrastructure demonstrates consequential latency for accommodating this trend. Due to a fragmented system, international transfers usually take days and bear high fees costing businesses both time and money. Decentralized, digital, and direct, DTransfer paves the way for a modernized global payment system by utilizing blockchain technology and the Stellar network to connect instant banking networks and enabling...

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