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Did I buy XKM's in the right place? are they secured?

Just a quick, stupid but serious question. I'm trying to understand something.. Suppose I bought thousands of XLM tokens on this website called E-toro. Now just for the sake of understand, suppose each token is suddenly worth $100 or $1000....okay? Now I want to sell my tokens that I bought via this Etoro website (is it an exchange?)..... Who pays me? Etoro? can they not sell upon my demand? Is it possible there's won't be a demand and I will be stuck? And if they do pay me, just trying to understand, they pay with their money because they bought the tokens in advance or sell it in the marketplace and take the buyers money and pay me (even millions) minus their fee? Bottom line, I don't have some kind of wallet or anything, I just want to know if that etoro place is a good place to buy if, just if....there's like a 30,000% increase. Can someone clarify? :(
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