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Deflationary coin?

i was looking at the coin supply today, it’s been growing at a worrying rate, imo 23 billion coins is more than enough, we don’t need xlm to be a shitcoin like the dollar, hopefully someone in the stellar team sees this and gives it a thought. ps: this is not hate, i own 300k coins, i just want xlm to succeed and be one of the top 5 in the crypto future.
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Announcing the Initial ♒️AQUA Airdrop - If you’ve used Stellar before 01/01/2021, this is for you. You can receive AQUA tokens for free as part of Ultra Stellar’s effort to help liquidity on the network grow. Ultra Stellar owns LOBSTR, StellarTerm & StellarX interfaces for the network.

Two weeks ago we announced Aquarius, a new solution designed to bring increased liquidity, and control of its distribution, to various Stellar DEX market pairs. Aquarius is powered by AQUA, the token…