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Crypto Price Prediction Market, using Stellar XLM

I am thinking about creating a **Crypto Price Prediction Market**, using Stellar XLM. The user can either be the **Maker** or the **Taker** of a Prediction Wager. Here is an example of a Prediction Wager that a **Maker** could propose: ***I will let a Taker bet a maximum of 100 XLM, that the ETH/USD price at 5:00pm tomorrow (GMT) will be higher than 2,500. I will give you +125 odds, so you will be paid 125% of your wager if you are right.*** I would integrate this site with the existing **Metamask-type Chrome Extensions for Stellar** (Freighter, Rabet, and Albedo), if they will reciprocate by mentioning the **Crypto Price Prediction Market** to their users, since the hardest part of creating an application like this is getting people to use it. Thank you for replying with your thoughts and ideas.
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