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XLM · 19w Weekly Review / 2019-09-14 ​ This week I focused on writing an open-source library implementing full Trezor wallet support. There are a few challenges on the road, but we'll get there! Meanwhile, I polished cosmic-lib SEP-0007 support; []( & [](https://stellar-authenticator) just became now the first 100% compatible SEP-0007 handlers. Hurray! I also started to integrate tests cases into the automated library publication process. This is using Jasmine, which is a great yet light all-in-one solution. ​ The priorities for next week are: 1. Get the Trezor library to support all Stellar operations. 2. Look into improving Ledger Wallet library. 3. Move repositories that are not Stellar-specific into a separate organization. ​ [Follow on Reddit]( | [Follow on Twitter]( | [Follow on GitHub]( | [Chat on Keybase]( | [Chat on Telegram]( ​ ## Pen of the Week:html-only, Sell Token Form **Description** This pen shows how to make an HTML-only widget that buys a token on the distributed exchange. It uses the CosmicLink protocol. **Link:** _Hint: use "Change View" to pick a layout that fits your screen._ **Concepts** - [Distributed Exchange]( The decentralized currency exchange embedded into the Stellar protocol. - [CosmicLink]( A protocol that encodes Stellar transactions into URIs. - [GILS]( An asset that rewards people who solve Pen of the Week challenges. **About** Pens of the Week are code snippets that show how to implement a Stellar-related feature in JavaScript. The end-goal is to provide a wide collect...
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