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XLM · 18w Weekly Review / 2019-08-10 ​ This week I focused on improving cosmic-lib SEP-0007 support. SEP-0007 is the SDF answer to CosmicLink, and while it is not as polyvalent and secure, it is worth supporting to not let anybody left out. The role of is to unite, not to divide. You can play with the last iteration of the library [here]( The last step toward full compatibility is signature verification. I published the web bundle for `@cosmic-plus/loopcall`. You'll find details in [the documentation]( I also released `@cosmic-plus/ledger-wallet`, Stellar Authenticator and as 1.0.0. No big change here, but this is stable so it was about time to make it official. Finally, I continued my work on improving documentation framework, release automation, and naturally, I wrote the Pen of the Week. ​ The priorities for next week are: 1. cosmic-lib: Implement SEP-0007 signature verification. 2. cosmic-lib: Port's side-frame. 3. cosmic-lib: Support requests from HTML forms. ​ ## Pen of the Week: ledger-wallet, Sign transaction This pen makes use of `@cosmic-plus/ledger-wallet` and `stellar-sdk` to sign an XDR-encoded Stellar transaction with a Ledger Wallet. _Hint: use "Change View" to pick the editor layout that fits your screen._ ​ ## Update application: 1.0.5 ### Fixed - Fix spread percentage definition: `100*(bestAsk-bestBid)/midpoint`. ​ ## Update application: 1.0.0 **Note:** This major release doesn't contain any breaking change. The version bump only means that this software is public and stable. ### Added - Add SEP-0007 `pay` support. ### Fixed - Fix Ledger Wallet support for older browsers. ​ ## Update application: Stellar Authenticator 1.0.0 https://stellar-authe...
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