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Bought my XLM quickly and can't remember where they are. Help !

**UPDATE 2 :** HOLY SHIT GUYS I FOUND MY SECRET KEY!!! Funds secured! Thanks a lot everybody :) **UPDATE :** Firstly, thanks for your help, great community ! Secondly I remember putting my secret key on my laptop when I bought my XLM. This laptop is dead -well not completly its just the screen and I can't even plug it on another screen too. I will find a way to recover everything I need. If it's not on the laptop ...well I think I'm fucked. Hi everyone, I'm usually pretty carefull when I buy cryptos and make a lot of back up of my keys and where are my different holdings. But this time I quickly bought my XLM on changelly and can't remember where did I sent them with it. Thanks to the greatness of blockchain I have the transaction infos, do you know how I can trace it to where they are stored pretty much exactly? Thanks a lot
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