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Big stellar loss. Help!?

I know by making this post I’m either going to get trolled or something like that but I’m honestly looking for help from stellar or LOBSTR if i even can. This year i ended up saving money every week and buying XLM since Feb. dollar cost averaging. I worked my way up to 147,000 XLM with my hard earned money and by even taking out a $20,000 loan to buy XLM since i loved the coin that much and believed in it. Welll…. I transferred everything into LOBSTR and was buying BTC on ultra stellar since BTC is expected to run and i was going to capitalize on getting more XLM hopefully. Well when i went to go hit a sell order for 188,000 XLM per BTC…. My phone either didn’t register the extra 00 or LOBSTR possibly didn’t. Either way i should have taken then time to check instead of rushing the numbers…. Well.. because of me everyone and their mom got their sell order filled.. i went from 147,000 XLM to 20,000 XLM and i feel like i could off myself rn ( I’m not ) but this just hurts. Is there anyway i can get my XLM back or some kind of help from Stellar/ LOBSTR. I know this was my fault guessing but LOBSTR should have another screen showing you what you’re selling at before you can sell. Thanks
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