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Hi all, ​ I wanted to make you aware of a very well crafted XLM airdrop scam which is widely spread! As I almost fell victim to it myself, I hope this helps some of you to be safe and over cautious while using the internet. It all started with a +0,50 deposit on one of my stellar address: ​ As I participated in the keybase airdrop it got me excited, thinking to myself that this is quite an innovative way to market the new airdrop and make people aware. ​ Going to the website []( you immediately get triggered and greedy.. That's what they are after! They want your emotions to take control of you which shut down your common sense. Scrolling down and clicking on claim brings you to a website which look identical to the account viewer website! This thing is so well refined. However, the keen eagle eye could spot one thing that seems odd: the url.. Then they ask you to put in your public key to check whether your balance was part of the fake snapshot and you simultaneously get to see how many XLM you can claim as part of the airdrop. Well cool, still being excited for the new airdrop I pasted my public key in there, stating with 6500 xlm eligible for the snapshot I could claim my share of approximately 1500 XLM. When you press claim, it asks you to login with your wallet in order to sign the request. ​ Huh log in? Why?!.. Number 1 rule in crypto: Not your keys, not your coins.. At that moment the realization kicked...
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