Beans Developer Update </June>

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Beans Developer Update </June>

Lots of exciting new features and news!

What's up!

Hi everyone🌱! It’s been some time since we last gave a proper update on what is happening, but as we are super busy working on our app, participating in the stellar community fund, and working on our socials that’s a good thing right? It has been a month full of developments and exciting stuff happening, so let's jump straight to it!

Launching Beans!

First of all, we would like to let everybody know that we now have an indication of when we want to launch beans publicly! We have a soft deadline set for (hopefully) early Q4, where we want Beans to be publicly available in the iOS app store as well as the Android Play store!

And the good news doesn't stop there! We are also excited to let you guys know we are increasing the number of invites to the private beta list! Starting today, we will add new beta testers to the app every week. Want to join as well? you can sign up here!

App updates! In-app anchor support

As I said, We have done a lot of updates to our app! We just launched our SEP24 integration in beans, which means we can now offer access to all of the Stellar anchors, like Anclap, Moneygram, Stably, and many others. Your default currency will lead you to an onramp that fit’s your currency automatically. This means someone in Argentina might see a bank deposit option through Anclap or a cash option through Moneygram (we are still waiting on the green light from Moneygram!). Someone in the US could see a USD bank deposit through Stable or a cash deposit through Moneygram.

This perfectly fits our view to be simple and intuitive to use, so we are super excited about this one! Take a look at it yourself;

Our on-ramp integration in Beans! UI

Next to some UI bug fixes and minor changes we also implemented some additional UI features! You can now add a message to payments and payment requests. These messages will show up in the transaction overview very soon as well. The next step for this screen is to add profile pictures as well! You are now also able to see the conversion rate you got, and if it is better than what we quoted!

Memos and rates in Beans! Set default currency

One of the powerful tools Beans is offering is that anyone can create a wallet in any currency. But, what if you want to change your default currency? Soon you will be able to change the default currency of your payment account. Changing your default currency will convert your existing balance to the new one, and it's super easy!

Currency conversion in Beans! Incoming deposits

The last new feature I can spoil to you is that we are working on an update that will get you a notification when there are pending deposits! As soon as money is inbound that is NOT the same as your spendable balance, Beans will let you know. You can then let Beans know what you want to do with the deposit; You convert it to your spendable balance, or you deposit it to your savings balance! This feature keeps the app easy to use but still allows you to fund a peso account through for example XLM if you prefer that. It will show up as a pending deposit. See it for yourself in this sneak peek ;)

A pending deposit notification in Beans! Community updates! SCF

As some of you who are following us on our Twitter might have noticed, we are currently running as participants for the Stellar Community Fund (SCF)! Winning this grant would mean we can bring many new features and prepare for a broader launch! If you are a verified Stellar user and haven't voted yet, we strongly recommend you do so. Check out our project here!


We also made some changes to our Discord server! You now have to verify before you are able to join the server, and we are also planning to add some beta-tester roles for all you beta-folks! Expect more changes to happen in the discord as we aren't done building yet!

So what's next?

There really is a lot going on around Beans and the stellar network. If you want to keep up to date, why don’t you come hang out on our discord server? Here is the place to talk to the rest of the team and receive updates as fast as possible. Eager to try the app after reading this? Go to to sign up for the waitlist!

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What is Beans?

Beans is an app that gives anyone, anywhere in the world, access to free payments and a healthy-yield savings option — all through a simple, straightforward interface.