Beans app partners with Anclap to connect Argentina and Peru to its free international payments app.

14D Ago

Our ARS/PEN stablecoin partner; ANCLAP!

An intro to our Pesos and Sol stablecoin provider

A new partnership!

We are super excited to announce yet another partnership, this time with ANCLAP! They will start on- and off-ramping the Argentinan Peso (ARS) and Peruvian Sol (PEN) Stablecoins in beans!

We are slowly building up a network of on/off-ramps that can be integrated into Beans. Beans, a non-custodial wallet built on stellar, will work with Anclap for on- and off-ramping from South-American countries. This will mean a streamlined in-app experience to deposit and withdraw Pesos and Sol currencies from and to your bank account!

Who is ANCLAP?

Anclap is focused on developing a digital, open, and global payment network, connecting the financial systems of Latin American countries with the world through the Stellar Blockchain. They provide a fintech solution to send and receive money in different currencies by empowering the stellar blockchain; the result is a fast, cheap, and secure solution that works a lot better than existing traditional financing solutions!

Anclap provides a fully regulated on- and off-ramping service in Peru and Argentina, issuing their respective stablecoins on the stellar blockchain. All the Stablecoins are backed 1-to-1 in Anclap’s own reserves, which guarantees a stable price on the stellar blockchain! Their service is also available through their API, offering both businesses and consumers a safe and fast way to interact with Anclap.

What’s in it for Beans?

Anclap shares our vision to use stellar in a way to empower cross-border and cross-currency payments, and with their help to onboard South-American users by Anclap, everyone will benefit from this partnership. They will help South-American citizens onboard Beans by providing a fully regulated and KYC-enabled service!

We are thrilled to have Anclap as a stablecoin provider, and we are excited to see what this partnership will bring us both. This partnership will mean that anyone using Beans can use Anclap’s on/off-ramp without having to leave our app, and people all over the world can use a Beans account to receive, send and save ARS and SOL!

So what now…

As we speak, the Anclap integration is live! This means you are already able to deposit and withdraw to and from Beans using the on- and off-ramp that Anclap is providing. You can already sign up for the waitlist to try out Beans and the Anclap onboarding interface, or you can check out the Anclap website for more information!

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What is Beans?

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