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Just a heads up to anyone not following their telegram. Pulled this from telegram. Bummer. I already received my refund. "We have some news that will change the direction of Basepay. We’d like to issue you a refund. Our mission is to deliver a working product in the time frame we promised (Q4 2018). We are facing some new and unexpected roadblocks within the regulatory environment. We believe it will take until at least Q1 2020 to complete our project. Unfortunately it’s going to take a lot longer than we initially envisioned. We will issue refunds to all backers and here’s why: The regulatory fees and environment would encumber our ability to deliver in our timeframe. In some states, it would take a long as 18 months to be approved. Bounty Hunters are misrepresenting our mission in their advertising. We believe it will take until at least Q1 2020 to complete our project. iOS updates may debilitate Basepay’s ability to function at full capacity. We envision a better, more open regulatory environment in 2020. We strive to be honest and transparent. We hope you understand our position. We are simply not comfortable stringing along our community and encumbering your crypto. Even though we will continue working on Basepay. If you’ve sent in a contribution, to get your refund, please log into your account at and click the grey Cog Icon to Edit your account. Enter your refund address and your request will be processed within 24 hours time. If you need a hand, please email [email protected] for support. We’re passionate about bringing everyday crypto payments to the world and we look forward to making that a reality by 2020. Please sign up for Beta and we’ll update you on our progress." I was really excited for this ambitious project. You can join their telegram for help with your refund if you need it.
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