Are there any legitimate uses on Stellar aside from XLM and USDC?

18D Ago
Just spent some time scanning some of the activity of top tokens and it's looking like 99.99% fake trade volume and robots on scam tokens. Anything real on this chain outside of USDC? yUSDC maybe legit, but absolutely no proof of anything backing it - so pretty dumb investment token I guess. Ultra Stellar in general seems to be "more legit" than most of the pure scams. But there is no transparency at all, no team, no founders, no public visibility into who this organization is at all. Maybe that's the way crypto used to be, but that's why everyone was scammed and it all turned out to be Ponzi's. Anything actually real, any kinds of investment with any kind of proof of real assets/businesses backing it? Or any kind of real utility supported by any of the tokens? Anything have real volume that isn't 99% faked by bots? The fast money between borders pitch for Stellar makes sense, and is cool, so maybe this is exclusively all that Stellar is used for - however very few individuals know or use Stellar/USDC even in LatAm/etc. Seems odd for a company with such a decent sized team to be so unknown and have such little legit use after around 9 years. Maybe I just need to dig down to some of the smaller tokens to find the legit companies, curious if anyone knows of maybe newer business that ARE legit and aren't just faking all their trade volume. I like the ideas behind the SDF/Stellar and would be cool to help support the ecosystem or potentially build something on it, but we're a bit disenfranchised after scanning the top assets...