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Anyone out there making markets on Stellar? Or providing liquidity?

Main reason I'm posting this is because I had to leave StellarX because of the low liquidity. There's just not enough trading volume to be profitable, and I've seen spreads of up to 10%. I get stuck in positions more frequently than I can afford. It seems ripe for interpair arbitrage. Just curious if anyone's making any profit out there by mm? I know the opportunity evaporates as more people are involved, but if we could encourage arbitrage even.. it's beneficial for the network and ecosystem to have a more liquid market. From that perspective, there should be simple ways for people to provide liquidity and make markets in an automated way, but I have heard of *none*, other than Kelp bot, which is more of a framework. Ether is the case in point for enabling these functions via a clean, simple GUI, and how big of a network effect that causes. Granted we don't have smart contracts yet, but with USDC coming and circle's bridge, shouldnt it essentially open the possibility for efficient cross chain market making? And bring more attention to all stellar tokens? EDIT: Found [](, and [blog posts]( (check the previous) explaining why this is so essential to improving Stellar.
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