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Alternative​ method to Register for the PHOTON airdrop

Here you will find an alternative method to register for the PHOTON airdrop, it will work with Trezor, Ledger Nano S, Lobstr, StellarTerm, Stellar Laboratory, Stellar Authenticator, or other SEP7 wallets. #Instructions 1) Log in to your Reddit account and use it with Reddit Redesign: 2) Go to the front page and copy your Register link: 3) Open `````` paste your link and press "Submit": 4) Select the option you prefer for registration: 5) Paste your **Public Key** or federation name and press "Submit": 6) You will be redirected to the wallet so keep following the instructions. I just signed mine using Stellar Laboratory minutes ago and [I confirm it works]( *DO NOT SHARE YOUR REGISTER LINK WITH OTHER PEOPLE!* #What's going on with the registration? The JS SDK is promiscuous and un-marshalls faulty encodings while the Go SDK is more strict. SEP7 URI generated in JS SDK will not work with Go SDK so one of these two SDKs will need to be fixed. That's why wallets using the JS SDK such as Lobstr manage to decode b64 strings without proper padding and Keybase does not. So, it's Thanksgiving in the US and I suspect it will take some time to fix the bug. This alternative method still doesn't work with Keybase, that's an issue out of our hands. Until this isn't managed you will not be able to use Keybase for the registration process. I will keep you updated and see if it will be possible to increase the registration period. However, most likely it will not happen if this bug isn't fixed soon. So, if you can register meanwhile using this method maybe do it just to be safe. #Extra thoughts You can always register with another wallet to the initial distribution and continue using the ad...
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