Absence of support by NTokens (BRL Stablecoin issuer)


I want to make a deposit of BRL 1,000. How will the issuer know which wallet address they should credit this amount to? Why doesn't the institution even offer a simple tutorial (Power Point type) to instruct customers? Why doesn't the issuer make explicit the way to do KYC, since it is a participant in ongoing projects of the Central Bank of Brazil?

In the proposed payment method (PIX, instant), as far as I know, there is no field to put any additional information and, if there were, the issuer does not instruct to do so (such as, for example, attaching the transaction ID).

As I'm tired of being disappointed with token issuers and I GOT NO RESPONSE to any of the contacts I tried with the issuing institution in question (either by email or by phone), I decided to report the case here.