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2 Years In: Building Resilience As We Grow - SDF Blog

What a difference two years makes. Saturday marked the two-year anniversary since I joined SDF! (I’m hooting and hollering in the background over here and I feel confetti falling all around me).

So much has changed, and yet so much has stayed the same. Packed with so much happening on Stellar, in this industry, and in the world, these last two years have felt like many more than two! It’s rewarded me with a lot of personal and professional growth, and has me doubling down on what we have done and can do together. This might have been the opportune time to tout a bunch of network stats and relish in the growth of our transaction volume or relevant assets from then to now — but that’s not what I want to focus on. Instead, I want to focus on four defining moments that stand out to me since I became a part of this organization and ecosystem.  

My first day.  When I first took over the helm of SDF, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. My first day was “onboarding,” and one of the first meetings was David Mazières leading me through the details of the Stellar Consensus Protocol — most of it sounded like gibberish at the time (sorry David, I get it all now). I met the local employees, got my laptop, and heard story after story about the promise of what Stellar could do. I went home that night and worried about whether I could help this organization grow and scale. I was pretty sure that the CEO of SDF was supposed to understand the SCP! We had twelve dedicated employees, an office space that we were sharing with another company, a lot of amazing ideas for how to create network effects, and a really solid lunch program. By the close of day two, I felt secure in knowing that SDF was the challenge that I had been waiting for.

And, two years later, I’m happy to report that I have never once looked back. I truly love what I am doing and what we are accomplishing together. I had to learn so much, dig into the technical pie...

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