Zappl Inc's Investment Post

5Y Ago

We are doing a stake drop selling off 10% to 20% for U.S. citizens. Zappl can only have a maximum of 100 (one hundred) investors under the current S corporation filing. It was done to prevent double taxation issues. Instead only the people who are paid out dividends are responsible for paying taxes on earnings.

Investment Parameters

Currently, we are not permitting investment to non-U.S. citizens. We are also not allowed to accept investments from trusts, estates or LLC’s. However, purchasing large amounts of the stake is allowed with a maximum of 99 investors. Each share is worth $0.12 and is non-negotiable.

20,000,000 shares are up for grabs = 20% stake out of 100,000,000 shares Minimum buy in Zappl is $12,000. Unless a large amount of stake is purchased by one person which we can then lower the price of entry on the minimum buy-in. USD, Steem, and Btc will be allowed to purchase these shares. Steem will be pegged to a worth of $1 unless the price goes above / below $1 USD well has a pegged value $0.12 per share. Btc will likely be set at the current price at the time. Give or take a few % off the market price to make up for delays in transactions taking to long. Required:

A picture of both sides of your driver's license a copy of a photo id or a U.S. passport Business or Residence Address Social Security Number Phone Number Proof of address via a utility, cable or internet bill Sign an Investor Agreement

Why we need this information:

It’s legally required that we get information on our investors since we have to file who our funders are. Since we are a s corp we can’t have investors that aren't U.S. Citizens.

Funding options:

Bank Transfer: Might take a few days to confirm Coinbase usd email transfer: Instant Coinbase btc email transfer: Instant Btc transfer: May take several hours and price fluxes Steem transfer: Instant

The top 3 people holding the most shares this round, will likely be given the opportunity to be on Zappl's board of directors. So if your interested in the position that's one way to get it.

There's currently only 98 spots left of the the 100. This will be update as more investor seats are purchased

Its recommended that you join our discord channel to find out more. We'll then add you to a special group and a special room for people interested.

You can also contact us at social media profiles below. The Zappl Team Our social media profiles and misc:

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