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Zalty Video - Steemit/Dtube

Zalty is a godform associated with DKMU. He is a pirate, very fond of rum and noodles, amongst other things. He often appears to the magician as a white ship. Zalty helps one to bypass obstacles and dangers and find a way forward.

This short film documents the ritual of evocation performed as part of a larger magickal operation, the DKMU godform cycle. The call is an adaptation from the DKMU Godforms book. A short piece from a magickal diary describing the experience of evocation follows. The film closes with the words of Zalty, as given during the evocation.

This film not only documents a spiritual experience, it also constitutes an evocation that will put the viewer in the presence of divinity/egregore/godform. It's a very direct way to experience Zalty and be introduced to him.

Art gives voice to the invisible. This video honours Zalty and empowers him. By watching it you pay a tribute to him and to the legacy of DKMU, the Assult on Reality. Previous videos in DKMU Godforms series:

(It seems entirely appropriate, if not synchronistic, to publish this film on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.)

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