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XPChain: The Beginning of a story

Introducing XPChain

After encountering some differences of opinion with the current administration of the Experience Points cryptocurrency project, a multinational team led by mostly Japanese and Korean developers decided it was time to go in a new direction in the interest of the broader community. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to XPChain — The Foundation of a New Experience Economy.

XPChain (ticker:XPC) is NOT a fork of XP and has nothing to do with the development or management of XP. XPChain was developed in response to community pressure to meet the needs of a rapidly growing international community as an entirely separate project. XPChain will in no way impact or interfere with the original XP, which will presumably follow its own developmental trajectory.

This new project takes into consideration the current XP stakeholders, and will Airdrop an amount of XPC equal to the amount of XP held in QT Wallets and CCWallets only. The Airdrop will not be issued for any XP held in exchanges, XP-Bot, tip_XPchan, or any POS pools due to technical limitations. The details of this Airdrop will be announced after preparation is complete.

The XPChain tokens are planned to be released in early July and listed on CoinExchange soon after. In order to qualify for the airdrop, please make sure all your XP is in a single address in the CCWallet or XP-QT Wallet. This may mean you need to send yourself all of your XP at once in order to combine the inputs since the QT wallet occasionally creates multiple addresses.

Token Specification

Name: eXPerience Chain Abbreviation:XPChain Ticker:XPC Base: Bitcoin 0.16.0 Algorithm: SHA-256d/PoW+PoS(PoW is only for Premine) Initial issue count: 100,000,000,000 XPC (AirDrop: 80%, Foundation Lock-Up: 20%) Maximum supply: Not fixed (will be adjusted by the XPC Foundation when necessary) Premine: 3,024,000,000 XPC (300,000 XPC/block, until block 10,080) Commission fee: 0.000...

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