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Wish I Was A Tree...

Sitting on the porch, at the advice of a friend, who is now even more of a friend than he knows. It's raining today, like teardrops, and cold; about 67 degrees.

I love to imagine sometimes that I was a tree. So well rooted. Nothing more or less than needed going in or out. So subtle but majestic in their own subdued way. They cope with their winters and are reborn.

I too try to stand strong, but flexible; never hiding from the elements that could teach me how to be a better being. Trees are perfect friends as well. They exhale what I inhale, I exhale what they inhale. Breathing around each other is heathly for both of us.

Sometimes then I don't know which could be better, being a tree or a friend to a tree. I'd like to believe if we were similar we'd have more affinity. And we're not opposite. But because we compliment, truly, its the best partnership. Trees provide fruit and shelter me. I give it tender care, company, even our waste is useful. How magical a tree is that it even can filter the very air I breath and make it suitable for me. I wish I was that skilled, skilled as this tree.

Thinking outside absorbing nature. My phone is getting wet though. Not the greatest post today but introspecting out loud, maybe we have much to learn from these stoic beings.

Esteem app today. I think I'll log off and just have more time without the technology on.

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