Win SBD for playing a game!! rules in post.

5Y Ago
Hi! I decided to create a giveaway/challenge for the bread game I have.  You will have to create "ART" with the limited amount of breads, and I recommend using level 1 as this is the slowest. You also must be following me and have had upvoted this post. Once done, Take a screenshot and post it in the comments.

Example by @acidyo:

Prizes First Place: 5 SBD Second Place: 2.5 SBD Third Place: 1.25 SBD

All of the prizes will be paid out within a week or two of this post being out, this is because I am going on holiday but will probably have a connection there. If not I am sorry and the winners will receive x2 of original prizes if I don't payout within 3 weeks.

Good Luck!