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Will the Libertarian Party Sue Caucuses with "Libertarian Party" in their name?

The Libertarian Party is going to attempt to sue caucuses that have the words "libertarian party" in the name next year if it is not voted down by the delegates at the convention.

This would affect the 2 biggest caucuses in the party that also happen to be more philosophically based: the Radical Caucus and the Mises Caucus.

It is my belief that there are interests in the party who have a desire to lock up the identity of the party away from a principled position so that when they likely gain debate access next time around, they will have full control of the party moving forward. They want to make this the Bill Weld party. This is a strong arm tactic that im not even sure the Rs or Ds have done.

This affects all of us whether you like it or not, that party will color the view on what libertarianism is moving forward. Why is the LP, who got 3% during their biggest opportunity, doing this? Why is the chairman, Nicholas Sarwark, going on The Jason Stapleton Program and telling him his audience isn't who the LP wants? Why is he baselessly painting the thought leaders such as Tom Woods and Jeff Deist as racists? Why are they adopting the losing tactics of the left (such as Identity Politics, Virtue Signaling, etc)? Don't you think that rousing the Libertarian base to join the party to manage the growth of the party should be a priority? Why are they acting like straight up politicians? It's almost as if they are paid to torpedo the party.

Whether you are into the Radical Caucus or the Mises Caucus, if you are one of those people who didn't get in the LP because Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were a joke to you, we NEED your help, we need you to become delegates to stop this and to vote out this hostile beltway takeover that wants to neuter the message and embarrass and misrepresent us to the world. Get some pride in your beliefs and join the fight!

Here are the two largest Caucuses: Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) LP...

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