Why You Should Keep A Journal!

5Y Ago

It came to my attention recently that there are some people in the world who do not take time to think and reflect on their day and their life. Life is short, And time moves fast. People don't realize how harmful this can be. Before you know it your life flew by and you didn't accomplish all of the things that you wanted. You live with a deep amount of regret as a result.

Something as simple as journaling can have a huge impact. Sometimes when you only focus on your issues on the surface, you cannot dig deeper to address the true problem.

We often fail to see what the actual problem in our life is. We are left confused Or addressing the wrong thing. This wastes time and gets us nowhere.

Allows Us To Accomplish Our Goals!

When we write down our goals, we are more likely to achieve them. This also allows us to quickly lay out a game plan on what we want to do with our lives. Planning = Success. A journal doesn't even have to be a concrete plan. You can just lay out a basic plan for what you want to do with your life so you can actively start pursuing it. Even if you don't think you are working towards your goals, Writing it down will put it in the subconscious, so you will start heading slowly in that direction even without thinking about it.

A Record Of Progress

Do you ever have those disgusted moments where you think "What the heck was I doing during that time"? Because it seems like you did absolutely nothing productive. I feel like that sometimes, And I often can pull out my journal to see what the focus was on my life, Whether it was me obsessing over something that Never produced results, Or sometimes it was simply a really bad situation that took up all my mental power. This allows you to better learn from your mistakes; You will start to understand your thought process and why you chose to do specific things. Sometimes it can be tough to change our way of thinking; It affects every area of our lives. If you know you are more likely to cave into certain temptations, you can avoid those situations where you may cave. Making it easier to follow through with your goals.

Allows You To Cope!

Sometimes we fall into really bad situations that can consume our lives. They are painful, And unfortunately, sometimes we don't do anything to get in those situations. They just sort of just happen to us. And we are forced to deal with them. Like when I was 19 and had to get an emergency surgery to have my appendix removed. I had no health insurance, and I was put in 15,000 of debt overnight. Journaling helped me write about the possible solutions. As a full-time college student working 2 part time jobs. I was struggling. I was able to brainstorm things that I could do to get out of the situation. Without acting on them with impulse. I then could use my journal to also vent on how much I hated how expensive health insurance was. Eventually, I was able to work things out for myself and get myself out of debt. People around me recommended I file bankruptcy as well as other extreme measures. Without thinking deeply about what I could do, I may have fallen into a trap like this. Destroying my credit score at the time of my life where it is most important.

Whenever I go through a tough situation writing it out in a journal is also a great pain reliever. It allows me to write whatever I'm thinking, Without being judged by the people around me. Sometimes we have bad thoughts that shouldn't be shared. A journal is great for this.

A Record of Your life!

Your future self may want to read these journals. It's so easy to "change" the memories we have in our heads. Or forget about the new and exciting experiences we had in life. Remembering those fond experiences can produce feelings of joy all over again. And journaling will allow you to keep those in crisp detail.

Journaling is so easy, Yet many people don't do it. It can help in so many ways. Everyone should keep a journal! You can keep a pad of paper or do it digitally. There are benefits of journaling that everyone can use!