Why Humans Enjoy Spicy Food?

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A lot of people love the taste of spicy food despite its extreme "heat"! They even emphasize adding it to fast food. So what makes some people fall in love with pepper and that burning taste, while some hate all kinds of spicy foods ?!

The "heat" is just in your head!

Although we feel that our mouth burns when we eat spicy food, it is the brain that makes our mouth burn! In fact, spicy foods do not cause physical harm to the digestive system.

The pungent taste of pepper-rich foods is caused by chemical molecules such as Capsaicin, triggering pain receptors on the tongue that are linked to the sensation of 'heat' in the brain, and not as some believe the tongue itself is affected by hot food.

The love of eating hot foods and spices is acquired, not genetic. In other words, the molecules responsible for the hot taste such as Capsaicin are responsible for the depletion of a neurotransmitter called Substance P responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain.

Perhaps this is why people in some countries, such as India and Mexico, tend to eat spices and peppers of all kinds without fear. They took him at a very early age and are used to the sensation of burning taste.

The most important question is why do people continue to eat peppers and spices if they feel that ''heat''?

The answer is simple! This is because hot taste stimulates the secretion of Endorphin. A chemical that gives the body a sense of pain, ecstasy, and happiness. It has a similar opioid effect which gives the person an enjoyable sensation of anesthesia and pain!

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