Why Do Cats' Eyes Glow in the Dark?

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 Usually, we notice in the evening that some animals' eyes like cats and dogs are illuminated. Have you ever wondered why? In this article, we will review this phenomenon and we will talk about the secret glow of the eyes of cats in times of darkness especially. 

 Why do cats' eyes glow in the dark?

The main cause of the cats' eyes lighting is the composition of their eyes, as they contain in the back of them a special layer and function of reversing the light on the eye, which increases the amount of light absorbed by eye macros. 

 This special layer is called tapetum lucidum, which is a mirror that helps to intensify the light that the eye receives with the help of cell and conical cells to improve vision at night especially.

What are the most important benefits? and does only cats' eyes glow ?


Simply, there are many animals that have this reflective layer behind their eyes to improve the amount of light on the eye to improve vision, such as dogs, bears, foxes, wolves and other animals.

The most important benefit of this feature is to improve the ability of animals in hunting for prey during the night, as this, as mentioned above, improves the quality of night vision because of the multiplication of the amount of light obtained by the eye.

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