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What you can learn from Einstein’s quirky habits!

Among the great minds that have passed through history, Albert Einstein is on top of the list. Einstein was one hell of a genius. So what if we explored his 'behavior of a genius 'to try it out for ourselves?

Einstein has taught us how to extract energy from atoms. Perhaps, we can learn from him a thing or two about how to 'use' our brains. I wonder will following his habits of sleep, diet, and fashion help?

10 hours of sleep and two seconds of a nap:

Sleep is good for the brain, and Einstein has taken this advice seriously. It has been reported that he slept for more than 10 hours a day, more than the average American sleep rate (6.8 hours).

But does long-term sleep help increase your intelligence?

The writer John Steinbeck once said, "Everyone must have gone through that experience when we found an insurmountable problem at night that had dissolved in the morning after we had taken enough sleep."

Many of the root events that occurred throughout history, such as the periodic table, the structure of DNA, and the Einstein theory of relativity, occurred when the discoverers were unconscious. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, during his dream of some cows, was electrified. But is this really possible?

In 2004, scientists from the University of Lubeck in Germany conducted a test to validate this conclusion, through a simple experiment involving subjecting a group of students to the numbers game. Gradually, students were able to learn the style of the game through training, but the fastest way to match the game was by uncovering a hidden rule.

After giving an 8-hour break, the study showed that those who slept during this time were able to master the rules of the game better than twice who remained awake and did not sleep.

The brain swings every 90-120 minutes between mild sleep and deep sleep and a phase known as "Rapid Eye Movement REM or Reem Stage", which has recently been linked to learnin...

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