We slowly get tired and gradually fall asleep - A Time to Dream — Steemit

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We slowly get tired and gradually fall asleep, our mortal mind shuts down to reveal the memories we keep. Weird and wonderful, strange and mysterious, sometimes frivolous, other times serious.

Maybe a nightmare you want to escape, maybe a fantasy, oh please don’t let me wake! And as the morning sun finally appears, we rouse with a smile on our face - or perhaps in tears.

We wonder how these dreams come about, and it’s a mystery, of that I have no doubt. As we sit quietly and reminisce on the events of the night, we try to fathom what’s wrong and what’s right. Things are all of a muddle inside our head, so we look forward to our dreams, next time in bed.

As we try to go back to this magical world where dreams are created and slowly unfurl. And each time we dream, we discover once more things we don’t like, and those we adore. But one thing’s for certain each time we sleep – we will wake at sunrise with new memories to keep.