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Wanna witness the wedding of Miss. Gaming and Mr.Crypto! Then read on!!! — Steemit

Looks cool, isn't it!!

Basically the game is built on Unity and will run on PC. Later, when the game has been successfully launched on PC, then the team will also work on smartphone and tablet versions of the game.

Space Pirates searching for signals? First a bit about the game story: 

Hash Rush is set in the fictional Hermeian solar system where crystal mining is the main job of all its residents. There are 3 different factions to choose from, which are Ernacks (common citizens), Space Pirates (scavengers) and Higher Elves (magicians). All factions have their own look, playing style and story line, and are tasked with managing their colony on a randomly-generated planet. Players may or may not get an opportunity to choose a faction of their choice, in order to balance the population and strength of all the factions. Players from  the same faction can benefit by linking their colonies, and also compete together in regular challenges against the other two factions. Lone Wolves can participate in solo challenges and missions.

Crystal Silo Concept Art For a player the game works like this Join the game. Purchase and upgrade buildings for mining, buy miners (your faction's workers) and mine crystals. These crystals can be sold for RC token, an in game currency. The same tokens are used to buy and upgrade and expand and trade and cashout in the game. Participate in single player/multiplayer events, missions to earn even more RC tokens. Cashout your RC tokens in form of ETH, Bitcoin and some other crypto currencies. Or you can invest those RC tokens to upgrade and expand your colony for even more profits. Balancing purchases, upgrades and exploration to maximize your colony's mining capacity. Please note that players don't need to actually mine using their computer hardware. Neither do they need any kind of crypto knowledge to play this game. Monster Concept Art So how does the game pay to the players?  A min...
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