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Walking 20180604 - How can I continue? -


I kept walking quite well this spring, so I am lazy and I want to keep going forever. The reason is that I want to do exercise therapy for diabetes, what I do not want to weaken my legs, and so on.

Last year I could not walk much in the summer, and diabetes worsened. So after all I want to walk. But from now on I need a lot of attention to keep rainy season and the climate where intense heat will come, to keep going.

I thought about deciding the time. First of all, it is useless because of fear of heat stroke. It will be in the morning or evening, but if you get hypoglycemic on an empty stomach dangerous, there is a similar danger until digestion of what you ate just after eating is done enough.

So I took breakfast 1 to 2 hours just right. This is also dangerous as there are few street lights at night and it is easy to get lost.

Recently I have been awake frequently at 5 am, so today I walked around 7:30 am. But since I was tired of yesterday 's crowd, it was only a ten - minute walk from my house to Katsuragawa. Because I can not do it too much, I returned quickly when I saw the magnificent view of Katsuragawa.

On the way walking, I met many people who are walking with dogs. I think that walking a dog is good because I can walk a habit. I am sorry that my dog can not be kept.

The bottom picture is the view of today's destination, Katsuragawa.


この春はウォーキングを結構続けたから、せっかくだしずっと続けたいのです。 理由は糖尿病の運動療法としたいこと、足腰を弱らせたくないこと、などがあげられます。

昨年は夏にあまり歩けなくて、糖尿病も悪化しました。なのでやっぱり、歩きたいです。 しかしこれから梅雨、そして猛暑がくるであろう気候の中、続けるために色々注意が必要なのです。





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