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Vacant Memories

Black. Was all he saw. Ringing. Was all he heard. Jacob felt weightless. He was flying through the air backwards around 50mph. It happened so fast. It was a beautiful summer day in June. He was just reading the instructions booklet from the new Doom game for his Xbox while his girlfriend drove. She had lost control of the car when she tried to light her cigarette.  

He hit the ground and quickly tried to stand up, but his ankle gave a loud crack and he fell. Laying there he saw his two 12” Rockford Fosgate subwoofers land within arm’s reach. Dazed and confused. He looked over to his right and saw the SUV completing its last roll. Is she alright? He thought. 

After climbing out of the back of the smashed SUV, she comes over to him. With people pulling over and rushing to help she whispers in his ear, “Please tell the cops you were driving.” Moments later Jacobs adrenaline subsides and he starts suffering from shock. Looking up into the sky he didn’t know if this was the end. All the bystanders are around him at this point. Their heads leaned in forming a circle as he looked up. It blocked the sun from his face. Blood. He felt blood pooling in his right eye. His body started to shake violently. Is this it? Is this really how I am going to go? He was terrified.  

The ambulance came and lifted him up. Not knowing or paying attention, they let his broken ankle repeatedly hit the side of the vehicle causing more pain. I am going to die. Jacob thought. He was scared and tired. No one would let him sleep. 

He arrived at the hospital and was quickly rushed back. The only surgeon that could help him had to be flown in from North Carolina and it would take three hours. Jacob laid in the bed in agony. The doctors and nurses said they couldn’t give him any pain medications yet. He started shaking. At this point, he knew it was from the pain. The shakes came and went.  

After a while his family came. One by one they looked at him. ...

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