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Underwater Photo Contest Winners 2017

Today I'm going to present to you the

Scuba Diving Magazine's 2017 Underwater Photo Contest Winners.

There are four categories and each has it's own winners. The categories are Wide-Angle, Compact Camera, Macro and Conceptual. Let's get right started with the overall contest winner: This absolutely stunning photo was taken by Greg Lecoeur at Noss Island, Scotland.

"Into the waters off the island of Noss in Shetland, Scotland I was surrounded by thousand of gannet birds feeding frenzy mackerel fishes. Plunging from between ten and fifteen meters above the water they reach up to one-hundred-kilometers per hour when they hit the surface. To catch their meal, they dive until 15 meters deep. I can hear them as they hit the water and then appearing in front of the camera. Regardless of the abundance of prey, competition between gannets is always going occur as when a gannet dives this indicates to the other gannets to dive creating several gannets diving for the same fish. Witnessing this behavior is something incredible and will remain engraved in my memory." - Greg Lecoeur

And now to the first category:

WIDE-ANGLE First Place

The winner photo by Rodney Bursiel was taken in Vavau, Tonga

Second Place

This amazing combination of calm ground and the wild waves was shot by Marc Henauer on Long Island, Bahamas

Third Place

Jens Troeger brings us pretty close to a group of sea lions. Shot on Hornby Island, Canada


The category of compact cameras doesn't fail to amaze with beautiful colours and the first place also is my personal favourite in this contest.

First Place

We have to thank Kevin Richter for this awesome portrait of an octopus, which he found in Indonesia

"At the end of a muck dive in Lembeh Strait, I found this incredibly photogenic coconut octopus sitting on the black-sand bottom right next to my dive boat at a depth of just 13 feet. What looks l...
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