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Type Of Thinkers - Which are you?

Image Source Type Of Thinkers

When you think, can you notice how you think? Do you hear yourself talking in your head or maybe it's more like a reading? Maybe you mainly see pictures and movies in your head, or... maybe you just have the feeling of associating stuff. This question can be translated to: "Are you Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic thinker?" Most people do a little bit of all three but there is usually a dominant one. 

We all prosses information differently, some use pictures in their mind, some will hear themselves talk or some talk, some will just have associative thinking and will have a "feeling" for things. Until now you may have thought that the way you think is the way everyone thinks, well... you are wrong.

Three types of thinkers Visual Thinkers

You feel like most of the thinking done in your head is in a form of pictures and movies? The visual thinkers will usually see images and movies in their mind. Their brain is like a google search for images and they can picture something in their mind pretty easily from memory or even from nothing. Visual thinkers will typically use terms like: "I can totally see it" "see man..." "I can imagine that" you get the Idea...

These types are excelling in painting, sculpturing, digital design, photography, industrial design and basically anything involved visuality and visual creativity.  Other types of thinkers (like myself), may have a little difficulty visualizing things in their mind and really hard time trying putting it to paper (painting for example).

Image source Kinesthetic or Pattern Thinkers

This type really focuses on his feeling and have an associative kind of thinking.  The kinesthetic is an emotional person who has to feel things before he can learn them. They won't rush into a decision and they will want to feel it's right before doing it. The pattern thinkers are really good ant distinct patterns as the name suggest and they can see logic...

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