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Trump Blocks China-Backed Bid for Lattice Over Security Risk

This was an excellent move by Donald Trump, and it should be happening much, much more frequently. Chinese "innovation" usually involves stealing American intellectual property or buying high-tech American companies in order to take their technology legally. The former is nefarious but is an extremely common Chinese practice that harms America's economy, jobs, and society.

The latter is downright hypocritical: China does not allow Americans to purchase Chinese companies, but they feel that they are entitled to a right to purchase American companies (and to steal from them, apparently). We should be blocking their attempts to acquire our companies at every turn.

In true Communist propaganda fashion, a Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that the U.S. should "create a fair and transparent business environment"--an absolutely risible response, considering that it was delivered by a representative of a country (China) that has a decidedly unfair and opaque business regulatory environment to a country (the U.S.) with a far, far fairer and more transparent environment. I actually agree with him though. We should make it fairer: from now on, no Chinese companies should be allowed to purchase American companies until American companies are allowed to purchase Chinese companies. That's fair, right, Mr. Gao Feng?

Of course, we do have problems on our side. Our case is not helped by companies like Apple. Every year Apple releases new iPhones that are always overpriced, behind the technology curve (relative to phones made by Samsung and Google), increasingly tone-deaf in design, etc. They remove popular features that cost them money (Touch ID, for example) or that enable them to sell you an expensive new accessory (facilitated by their getting rid of headphone jacks, for example). After all this, they "content-lock" their customers to make switching to another brand very difficult and then gradually raise prices on them. The iPhone X p...

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