Trail Magazine . July 6 2017

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Welcome to A New Steemtrail Magazine, Curated By You, The Steemit Community.

The fireworks have only just begun. It has been an exciting year for Steemit and there is more to come. Steemtrail is just trying to keep up with everyone's incredible contribution to the crypto currency world. We are all as different as the flowers in the garden that grows larger every day. We come from all over the world and have found each other here, a place to share our journey. We each have different friends and family, in and out of FINTech. We each come from different cultures with different traditions. We each have our favorite taste in blochcains, music, movies, entertainment, and tech. Sometimes we don't always see eye to eye. But one thing we all see, is an opportunity to be thankful for what @Steemit has built for us all. An opportunity to share what we love as well as learn new things and discover interesting people. Yes and there is more to say, but how about we let our SteemTrail Communities do the talking. Thank you for viewing and sharing this post. We welcome a healthy discussion in the comments section. And we are wishing you many good fortunes on your Steem Trail Journey!

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