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📊Top 20 Level 1 commenters for 20170726 and how their comments looks like(by @ace108)

Commenter Partial comments-28 characaters Occurrence @bellyrub I got a bellyRub and this 118 @djnoel Good post my friend i am @dj 100 @fitzgibbon [![THANKS SWEETIE.gif](https 14 @fitzgibbon [![AL ROKER WELCOME.gif](htt 13 @fitzgibbon [![SEEWHATYOUDIDTHERE.gif](h 10 @fitzgibbon [![THATS EXCELLENT.gif](http 10 @fitzgibbon [![WELCOME.gif](https://stee 10 @hamet123 "Great post !!! Follow me an" 137 @khunpoom Welcome to the Steemit commu 13 @misterbitcoin 154 @misterbitcoin 15 @pronetmbjt This is a great grandfather 105 @raziell "Hi friend, very good !!!!! Y" 102 @raziell Thank you for your vote !!! 10 @sepracore I enjoyed your post. Good lu 38 @sepracore Welcome! Please consider che 32 @sepracore Welcome to Steemit! Please c 31 @sepracore Good luck! I hope your blog 29 @sepracore I am excited to read your fu 25 @sepracore Welcome! Joining Steemit wil 20
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