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📊Top 20 Level 1 commenters for 20170725 and how their comments looks like(by @ace108)

Commenter Partial comments (28 charaters) Occurrences @abue "Follow me.. And.. please upv" 15 @ahlawat "nice please follow me vote " 27 @ahlawat please follow the up vote 11 @ahmad.rezk "Great post. Please check my" 31 @allesia welcome, I look forward to s 10 @aluma Welcome to steemit 74 @arifulsms If you follow & Upvote me, i 17 @bellyrub I got a bellyRub and this 94 @beulahlandeu 22 @bikash-tutor Nice post. Upvoted and follo 37 @biplab007 uvpoted.i am mem 18 @bitcoin1488 32 @carltong Welcome, I hope you enjoy it 32 @chelsea20 I have voted for you can you 35 @chelsea20 나는 너를 위해 투표했다. 너는 내 의견에 투표 할 12 @chocomuscake __[KR 일일 Top10 랭크](https://s 17 @chocomuscake 안녕하세요. 스팀잇 가입하신 것을 진심으로 환영합니 11 @cryptokraze "Welcome to Steemit ! You got" 25 @czechglobalhosts Hello and welcome to Steemit 11 @davinger your pictures and video is c 25 @dianamihaela Hi!!Nice to meet you and gla 33 @digital-gypsy "introduceyourself ??????? P" 16 @doanthuy Woowww this is really very i 22 @doanthuy Great photography, thanks fo 21 @doanthuy Very nice, Will be looking f 20 @doanthuy Love ❤️ your pictures!! 13 @doanthuy This is so awesome!! And It 13 @doanthuy so beautiful hat, love it. @ 13 @doanthuy Excellent photography and th 13 @doanthuy wonderful photos. Fantastic 13 @doanthuy your posts are very good, Su 13 @doanthuy Happy to find you on Steemit 12 @doanthuy Great pictures...thanks for 12 @doanthuy So beautiful thanks for shar 12 @doanthuy awesome work, follow and res 12 @doanthuy I like your photos, you are 12 @doanthuy Great post...loved it..waiti 12 @doanthuy Wow, so cool. So nice to con 12 ...
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